Commercial Grade Finishes for Hotel Trash Containers

Over the decades we have figured out a few things about trash containers in public spaces, the most common issue is that they are often forgotten and rarely taken care of well.  As you can imagine they are subjected to the elements, the public and even sometimes pets.  If you think about it the trash container has probably more interaction than any other part of a property, as a reslut the wear and tear is higher than any other element you will specify.

At IAP we start off with a durable streel reinforced fiberglass form that is 3 to 5mm thick of hand laid woven fiberglass mat, then we glass in steel reinforement and last we coat the interior of the container with a two part water barrier to insure liquids will stay inside the container. When you want the container to stay put we have several options, the first is to glass in concrete at the base of the container.  Usually we add about 25 lbs., depending on the size of the container. The other options are using a semi-permanent adhesive or an expansion bolt to permanently affix the container to the surface. 

Environmental Factors

For trash containers placed outdoors they will be subjected to the weather, UV and the public. When it comes to the weather geogaphic regions may vary widely so the containers will need to handle freeze and thaw, salinity atmosphere content, ultra violet light and the public. Salt content or by the ocean is one of the most rigorous environmental conditions, corrosion will quickly shorten the life of most materials, fiberglass is the ideal choice because it is non-corrosive. The other biggest destructive variable is ultra violet light, sunlight light will break down a painted finish quickly depending on the quality of the paint used.  


The public can be very rough on trash containers, you will have to anticipate corrosive liquids like sodas, pets, scratching burn marks from cigarettes and even grafitti. In order to tackle this onslaught we developed our Fusion finish, the Fusion finish is produced by chemically bonding metals in a powder form.  The benefit of having real metal on the outside of the container is that you have the longevity and durability charachteristics of the metal used. Another positive attribute of the metals like Bronze is that they are inherently anti-bacterial which is a great bonus for high touch surfaces in public spaces. Metal finishes are far superior to painted finishes because they are highly resistant to UV and damage, most issues that would ruin a painted container can be easily polished out with a light compound.


Commercial trash containers can be a big investment so having a long life cycle should be top priority before making a decision.  By insuring the container can survive the elements and the public you can be confident you have made a wise investment. At IAP we can assist throughout the decision making process from lobby areas to pool decks. 



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