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IAP has been perfecting our containers for over three decades. In that time we have installed thousands of pieces in almost every commercial and residential environment you can imagine. We have built the industry's largest collection of molds and it keeps getting bigger every year, that in turn offers a wider selection to our clients at a lower cost.


Did we mention that we have been at this for a while? Well as you would guess with a lot of molds it means we have many sizes. In the Monsoon alone we have more than 24 sizes in the catalog and with many more in our collection, so if you don't see what you want just ask, you never know we might have it already.


There are 15 standard finishes and we stock our most popular Fusion finishes which are Bronze, Matte Black and Copper. As we introduce new colors we will stock those in some small numbers at any given time. You are not just restricted to these 15, we can take RAL or Pantone color codes to produce any color you are looking for. If you need something quickly and we have it in-stock they can be refinished to any color.


We have learned much over the decades on how to produce a long lasting container and what it takes to survive the commercial environment. Unlike other manufacturers we hand lay our fiberglass which makes it 3 to 5 times stronger. As an extra measure we reinforce the side walls with steel, the outcome is a true exterior grade container.


What the heck is Fusion? I'm glad you asked. We call it Fusion because we are combining two materials: metal and resin. We use the real metal in a powder form and combine it with resin, it's then applied to the hand laid fiberglass form, sanded and polished. The outcome is a fusion of metal and fiberglass. Not only does it look amazing but you have the durability of real metal on the outside, it really is brillant.


What are all of the options? Aside from a variety of sizes, finishes and designs to choose from you can also add saucers, locking casters, acrylic risers and self-irrigation.


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