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  1. Indoor Use: It is recommended using a container with a plastic saucer within the fiberglass planter. No holes or exterior saucers are necessary.
  2. Outdoor Use: When planting directly into the container, we recommend using a lightweight soil, drilling holes at the bottom of the container and using an exterior saucer. When using the Orb (#038) outdoors, you may need to weigh down the container. If this is necessary, drill a hole large enough in the upper tray to place small rocks into the bottom chamber of the container, this will not impede drainage as long as sufficient holes are drilled in the bottom.
  3. Moving Them: Careful handling, do not move the containers by pulling on the top lip.
  4. Aging: How will they age over time? Copper, Matte Black, bronze and Stainless Steel are constructed with metals fused to the fiberglass, therefore they will age naturally over time. Certain factors will affect the degree of change due to climate. For example, geographic areas with higher salinity will accelerate the patina of the bronze and copper finishes. Matte black and stainless will become more matte over time. A great way to slow the aging process is to apply a clear wax on the container you can use an automotive grade wax or a clear furniture polish, which will give you an additional moisture and UV barrier. Please note this will add a shine to your finish, so before applying to the finish apply in a small area that is not visible. The painted finishes are best suited for indoors and covered outdoor applications. Prolonged UV exposure will fade darker colors over time lighter colors will do better but will still fade eventually.
  5. How to repair IAP Products: Rough handling can crack, scratch or chip fiberglass containers, please handle as carefully as possible. If damage has occurred, most can be repaired by applying fast drying epoxy resin that has been mixed with the appropriate metal powder (request from IAP) or color matched with acrylic paint. To repair large holes or sections fill with glass fibers or cloth fabric and apply polyurethane resin in layers until even, sanding lightly between layers. If you can not feel the scratch with your fingernail we recommend trying to first polish out with a metal polish like Flitz.  If you have the Bronze, Copper or Matte Black finish a clear wax or WD 40 will help blend out the damage.  For surface scratches you can feel with your finger nail it may be necessary to fill utilizing quick drying epoxy mixed with the corresponding metal powder (please request from IAP).  Contact IAP directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you need assistance with maintenance and repairs. 
  6. Drainage: For outdoor use it is sometimes necessary to drill drainage holes. Any standard drill bit will work just space the necessary quantity of holes evenly around the bottom of the container. In most cases three holes are more than sufficient, diameters from 1/4" to 1/2". For a nominal charge you can request drainage holes prior to shipping.
  7. How can I prevent staining from drainage: The best way to prevent surface stains is to use a saucer, you can purchase a saucer from IAP please look for product #SCR. Another method is to use potting soil that does not contain chicken manure. A good example of a potting soil that will not stain is "American Soil Ultra Potting Mix".
  8. Never use harsh chemicals like Clorox or 409 etc. on any of our products. If you are uncertain about the compatibility of a cleaning product first try it on a less visable location. Please also be aware that power washing may damage the finish.


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