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Rectangular Planters

Rectangular Planters

IAP is the definitive source for rectangular planters. We specialize in offering the largest selection of commercial grade large scale rectangular planters in a wide array of designs and sizes...

All Planters

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Commercial grade containers in a variety of shapes and sizes, the largest and most comprehensive collection in the industry...

Trash and Recycling

trash block

IAP designs modern and versatile trash, recycling and compost receptacles. Considerate of the growing requirements to sort refuse, IAP creates containers that can easily be modified to suit your specific needs...


trash block

Our favorite piece of furniture is the fun and functional side table or stool, you can place your drink on it or have a seat. Check out our most wanted designs...

For over 40 years IAP has supplied designers, hospitality owners, and landscape architects with quality in-stock and custom commercial contemporary indoor & outdoor planters, extra large fiberglass planters, trash and recycle containers. To keep up with the needs of modern interiors and landscape architecture, the building materials for commercial and modern fiberglass planters have become something of a science. The all weather IAP containers combine natural and synthetic materials to create lightweight, sculptural forms that can be used both indoors and out. Carefully made by hand, each piece is constructed from a fiberglass shell with a natural metal finish applied over the top. They are then hand polished (Fusion finishes only) to achieve a rich, dimensional surface that will either patina over time or take on a matte finish, depending on the salt content of the air.

IAP containers are ideally suited for roof top applications because of the lightweight characteristics. Roof top planters need to be lightweight because of load bearing issues, by utilizing modern materials and construction techniques we are able to build very strong containers and minimize the load bearing weight. For questions or assistance with your application please contact us


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