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Margaret Collard started IAP in 1974 to serve residential interior designers in San Francisco.  For over 35 years IAP was located at the San Francisco Design Center.  In 1991 Christopher Collard joined IAP, at that time the business evolved to focus on planters and moved from ceramic to fiberglass. In the early days the container market was solely clay and more traditional designs dominated the market.  This realization presented an opportunity for IAP to offer the industry another option of a lightweight, modern, and geometric container.  Not satisfied to stop there, IAP pushed the innovation further by fusing metal finishes to fiberglass. With this technology the lifecycle of commercial outdoor containers had a new benchmark.


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Our team begins in our manufacturing facility with our steadfast and detail oriented production staff, their decades of experience ensure a smooth and efficient process. Our facility meets the highest ISO international standards and is a safe and clean working environment. The distribution center is located in Richmond, California and is home to our head office which handles inbound and outbound logistics as well accounting and customer service.  Lisa Gilmore heads up accounting and customer service is managed by Edward Gore.


For the last four plus decades IAP has worked with a variety of industries including residential, hospitality, landscape architects and contract.  We have been delighted to work with such a large variety of clients and pride ourselves with our integrity and customer service.  We put love into our products and labor over every detail from environmental impact to the quality of our packing materials.


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Our containers are the net sum of decades of research, feedback and painstaking improvements.  With a long lifecycle design is critical, we avoid trends and prioritize timeless and simple modern design.  IAP has put decades of work into creating the most durable, longest lasting, and beautiful containers available so you can have comfort in knowing you are getting the very best.



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