Hospitality Design Las Vegas

  • Written by Chris

If you got an opportunity to visit the IAP booth at Hospitality Design Las Vegas thank you!  If you don't know what HD Las Vegas is, it was from April 30th to May 2nd and is the largest single destination for hospitality product discovery in the US, HD Expo and Conference is cutomer-driven and industry led, with the goals and needs of the industry guiding everything from programming to floor plans to networking events.  There are over 600 product suppliers spanning 25 categories that can fulfill the entire scope of a project. It's an industry launchpad for new product introductions and groundbreaking debuts. 

IAP has been exhibiting at HD since 1992 and we often launch our newest products at the show, this year we introduced our newest trash containers Titan and Phoenix (soon to be introduced on the site). It was a great show and we look enjoyed seeing our clients and industry partners. These days most of business is done online but we often forget how important it is to meet one another and see products in person.  There are so many qualities that can not be conveyed in an image, can't tell you how many times clients told me how happy they were to see and touch the products to understand the value that IAP offers. We take great pain to build a quality product and not cut corners so when the clients are so happy it makes us happy.

If you have been on the fence about attending HD or any show for that matter, I think it is important to take the time and expense to at least go to one key show a year and see things in person.  It is also very helpful to meet who is behind the phone or email so you know and trust who you are working with. We love meeting you and look forward to seeing you at the next one :)

Selecting the right size Modern Planter for your Plants

  • Written by Chris

Modern planters are an excellent addition to your indoor or outdoor space. However, when it comes time to select the right size planter for your plant material it can sometimes be overwhelming. A planter that is not properly sized for your plant material can be detrimental to its growth and overall health.  Lets go ahead and discuss how to select the right size planter for your plant material. 

First, lets consider the most relevant factor when selecting the right size modern planter for your plant and that is the size of the plant and how big it will potentially get. A plant that is on the smaller size and that will grow slowly will be happy in a smaller container.  A large and fast growing plant or tree will need a larger planter that will give it room to grow. Something to consider is the root ball, if the plant has an extensive root system it will require a larger planter so it has enough space to grow. 

Second, drainage is important because when selecting the right modern planter for your plants you will need sufficient drainage. A planter that is too small might not offer enough drainage, this will lead to water building up and lead to root rot.  A planter that is too big may hold too much water and may lead to overwatering and root rot. 

The final and most important factor is to keep in mind the balance and proportion of the plant material and the container.  You do not want the planter or the planter material to overpower one another.  For example, the span of the plant should not be less than the diameter or width of the container and the overall span of the plant material should not overpower the container and look disproportionate. Please also remember the the planter should be scaled to the environment you do not want the planter to overwhelm or get lost in a room. 

Selecting the right size modern planter for your plants is crucial for their growth and overall health. Remember to take in consideration the size of your plant, drainage, growth potential and the space.  If you need a hand navigating these elements let us know we will be happy to assist. 

Modern Side Tables for Hospitality

  • Written by Chris

The modern side table is essential in the design scheme of today's hotel environment, you can find them in rooms, lobbies, pool decks and restaurants. Despite their small size they are found serving multiple roles such as a surface for personal belongings, a resting place for a drink or even seating.  Most of all they can enhance the overall design of a space by adding a punch of color, texture or design interest. 

Functionality is always crticial in the design of a space because first and foremost a well designed enviornment is functional. The most common use for a side table is to provide guests a surface to place personal belongings.  Whether it is a hotel lobby, room or deck providing guests with a convenient spot to place their phone, laptop or drink is essential.  Durability should be an important factor for any side table, in high traffic areas guests come into contact with the side tables quite often so the material should be durable and the finish should be long lasting.  The side table should have a little heft to it so it is stable but not too heavy that it can not be moved easily.  When it comes to pool decks the side table should be UV and weather resistant, so marine grade finishes are ideal. 

A well designed side table can enchance the aesthetics of any environment and in turn creates a warrm and welcoming environment. When selecting the right side table it is important that it not only looks great but is designed and engineered for the application. Many side tables are designed for residential applications and as a result can not handle the rigors of the commercial demands.  Fiberglass is an ideal choice because of the long life cycle and wide spread use in commercial applications. 

The modern side table is a versatile piece of furniture that plays an important role in the hospitality industry.  They provide surfaces for guests, enhance the design and can serve multiple purposes depending upon the need and the setting. At IAP we are here to assist you in the selection, use and placement to maximize functionality and enhance the overall guest experience. 

The Perfect Size Trash and Recycle Container?

  • Written by Chris

Is there such a thing as the perfect trash and recycling bins? Well I guess that all depends on your use and the complex science of waste management solutions in public spaces.  Fortunately it isn't as complex as you might think.  The most critical component is the selection of the most ideal size of trash and reycling containers for the area. In this blog post we will explore some the factors that will influence the selection of the ideal size and provide you with some helpful tips on how to choose the best options for your needs. 

Most of our case studies involve the hospitality industry so we will look at hotels in particular and their needs. If we look around a hotel you will see a traffic pattern that develops from one zone of the property to the next.  They include lobby areas, pool decks, elevator lobbies etc.  In some cases there will be food service that will have their own unique requirements but for most uses the volume of waste is moderate to low. A rule of thumb to determine the volume of waste is to calculate the number of people who are in the space and the amount of time they will spend there. For example if guests are passing though a lobby heading to their room then the volume might be quite low but if they are spending the day pool side then the volume might be higher. 

Another factor to add to the equation is what type of waste will be discarded. For example if we are looking at an exterior lobby area most guests are coming and going and might only be by the front door for a brief period of time, as a result the gallon capacity would be much smaller than a food court. Another zone that needs a smaller capacity container would be an elevator area for each floor.  Different states have requirements when it comes to recycling so it is good to keep in mind local laws when selecting a container, some guests will chose not to discard a bottle in a single stream container and will opt to place their bottle on top of the trash container or beside it, this is a scenario you might want to avoid by providing a trash and reycle container that is dual stream.  

Frequency of collection is a critical part of the equation. A public high traffic space can potentially generate a lot of waste you will want to insure that the containers are sized apporpriately to carry the capacity between the frequency of collection. 

In conclusion, there really is no "one size fits all answer", to this question.  If you take into account all of the factors mentioned above you will be able to make an educated decision.  For most hospitality applications a 10 to 20 gallon capacity for low volume zones and 20 to 30 gallons or larger for high traffic areas will be appropriate. Of course the aesthetics of the trash bin is critical, a simple modern design that blends in with the design scheme will complement and not distract. 

How to Bring your Outdoor Space to Life with Extra Large Rectangular Planters

  • Written by Chris

Large public and private spaces require planters that are larger than typically offered by most manufacturers.  Large and heavy duty planters are our speciatly and we have many design and size options that can bring your outdoor spaces to life. IAP planters are not only practical in their function but can also add a stylish touch to your decor. These are some helpful tips to bring your space to life with our extra large rectangular planters.

First, you want to select the correct size and style of the planter you are considering.  We offer a wide range of sizes and designs, the size is a critical element because you will need to scale the container to fit the environment.  Some elements to keep in mind would be the overall finished height of the planted material you would like to use and also the span.  Ideally something that is low maintenance and is sutied for the geographic region.  When it comes to the container how tall would you like to make the container.  If you want to minimize the plant maintenance you can select a tall container and have low foliage, this way you can separate spaces but still have little to no up keep. It is best to consider the size and floor plan of your outdoor spaces, if you need a hand feel free to contact IAP and we can assist with the layout. 

Secondly, choosing the correct plants for your planters.  With large planters you will have a wide selection of plant material you can chose from, you can go with anything from large trees to small ground cover. The georgraphic region you are in will dictate what will work best.  You will want to consider the amount of sunlight available, as well as the soil and year round climate.  When it comes to soil we recommend using lightweight container soil, as you can imagine the bigger the container the more weight is displaced by the soil, plant material and water.  A lightweight soil will reduce the internal pressure of the container quite dramatically when compared to soil types such as clay based. This is where drainage becomes critical, it is important to insure water can exit easily. 

The addition of extra large rectangular planters can really make a space with the addition of the right plant material, it can soften the design scheme and make the space that much more inviting. Plant material in a design scheme brings life and as studies have shown makes people happy, healthier and reduces stress.  By selecting the correct size and design of planter, choosing the right plant material, consideing placement you can design a beautiful and functional space that can be enjoyed year-round. 

Biophilia Utilizing Large Fiberglass Planters

  • Written by Chris

Plants in our home, workspace or public space have always been primarily a decorative element rather than a necessity.  Somehow deep down we all knew they were good for us to have around, the good news is over the past few years several studies have emerged to confirm that indoor plants are not only healthier but can make us more productive.

Screenshot 2023 03 03 at 4.34.12 PM

There is a long list of benefits including:

  •        Lowered tension and anxiety levels
  •       Reduced feelings of anger
  •       Reduced fatigue
  •       More creativity
  •       Increased productivity
  •       Attracts and retains employees
  •       Reduced Co2 levels
  •       Reduces dust and bacteria

Of course fiberglass planters are a great fit because they are modern, lightweight, durable and are well suited for outdoor usage. With a wide range of designs and finishes it is easy to select a container that fits your overall design scheme.

Plants enrich our lives, it seems everyone spends too much of their time behind a screen and indoors these days.  If we have to spend so much time in artificial environments, it is nice to be able to bring the outdoors indoors. Large fiberglass planters offer the opportunity to bring the natural beauty of nature into our lives, making the indoor spaces that much more inviting and relaxing.

In commercial applications fiberglass planters and biophilic design enriches public spaces and increases traffic, a modest investment in design can potentially create a great return on investment. People are drawn to inviting spaces and with the health benefits of plants you can make your environment that much more appealing. Brighten up your spaces from rooftop decks, hotel lobbies and multi-family, fiberglass planters are an excellent way to bring nature into everyone’s daily lives.


How To Care For Fiberglass Planters

  • Written by Chris

Contrary to popular belief there is some minimum maintenance required in order to insure you get a long life from your fiberglass planters and trash containers. At IAP we have two types of finishes, Fusion and Marine grade.  The Fusion finish is our toughest finish that is manufactured with real metal and as you can imagine will hold up just like the metal it was constructed from, unlike the painted finishes the metals will slowly patina over time depending upon the geographic region.  A higher percentage of salinity will accelerate the patina process and each metal will react accordingly.  The marine grade finish is a two part linear polyurethane that was developed for the rigors of the marine enviornment, compared to an automotive finish the marine grade will be a harder paint finish and have superior UV and scratch resistance. 

Both the Fusion and Marine grade finishes need to be cleaned occassionally with mild soap and water, be sure not to use any harsh cleaners and test in a non-visible area before use.  For the marine grade finish your georgraphic region will dictate the frequency that you will need to polish, in high UV environments like Florida you may need to coat once every 3 months, if you are further north you may get away with once or twice a year. We recommend a good quality marine grade coating such as 3M.  For the Fusion finish we advise using a cream metal polish like Flitz, the metal polish is also great for removing patina build up and restoring the metal finish to like new appearance.  The polishing can be done by hand or machine for faster results. 

Ritz Carlton MDR 1

In commercial environments damage is always inevitable, scratches are the most common and they are either deep or shallow.  A deep scratch can be determined if you run your finger nail over it and you can feel the damaged area, if it is a shallow scratch you will not feel anything. To repair a shallow scratch you can often just buff out the scratch with a compound and then recoat the fiberglass planters with a good quality wax.  For a deep scratch you will need to fill with an epoxy and apply touch up paint. For more severe damage a fiberglass repair might be necessary so please contact IAP for instructions. 

Ultimately the best way to prevent damage is to take good care of your fiberglass planters and minimize damage.  Some preventive measures would include placement, try and keep them out of areas that they are likely to incur damage.  Keep them clean of pesticides and hard water damage.  When moving them around be sure not to pull them by the lip.  These simple steps will hopefully prevent unwanted damage and insure you have a long life cycle. 

Hotel Trash and Recycling Containers

  • Written by Chris

Most hotel trash and recycling containers are not designed specifically for the special requirements of Hopitality and indoor/outdoor public spaces.  The vast majority of bins are designed for much more utilitarian uses and are sized and designed without much concern for visual appeal. So much time and energy is spent on creating an inviting environment and then at the last minute a completely inappropriate container is placed because there is very much a real need for trash and recycling collection in public spaces.  The image above is the Mirage trash and recycling containers in Espresso, the Mirage was specifically designed to fit right in this environment and to blend seemlessly within the design theme. The Mirage has just the right usable capacity and is rectangular so to take up as little space as needed. The signage runs vertical and is large attractive and clear. 


Hotel blog 2

Sometimes you need a versatile shape that is a dual stream, the Fusion above has a low profile and works well as a dual stream.  When you don't have a lot of space but still need a trash bin/recycle or even for ash you can order the Fusion in a variety of formats.  Shown above in Bronze, this is one of our most durable finishes that is made of actual bronze.  Because the finish containers metal you can be guaranteed a long service life that is resistant to scratches and burns. The Fusion is offered as a single stream in trash or multiple variants as a dual stream, you have flexibility with signage and the Fusion is offered in out 15 standard finishes as well as custom color matching. 

Hotel Blog 3

Size matters occassionally and as you can imagine it is very difficult to find large scale multi-stream trash and recycling containers.  The Element shown above is shown above in 48"L x 24"D x 32"H, it is truly a monster and has an enormous capacity that can be used as a dual or triple stream trash and recycling container.  The rectangular format is a space saver and the design is timeless, shown above in our Bronze Fusion finish the Element is not only tough but handsome.  This size container is ideally used in large public spaces like airports, convention centers etc. where you would expect a large volume of usage.  We do offer customization so if you need a container tailored to your use don't hesitate to let us know. After more than three decades of designing trash and recycling containers for public spaces IAP has a solution for almost any need. 




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