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Large & Rectangular Outdoor Planters Boxes / Containers for Gardens

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Commercial Grade Outdoor and Indoor Containers

Our signature engineering process combines the careful hand-layered application of fiberglass with the permanency of steel reinforcements, resulting in a durable and lightweight outdoor or indoor commercial planters. IAP offers a wide selection of standard finishes of Fusion or LPU marine grade paints. Our Fusion finish is created by fusing natural metal to the fiberglass shell. This finish is hand polished to create a rich dimensional surface which will gracefully patina over time. For a uniform application, IAP’s standard painted finishes are marine-grade. This LPU paint is a high-performance coating for UV deterrent, color retention and durability. IAP offers a wide selection of outdoor and indoor sizes and styles including rectangular containers.

For over 30 years we have been refining our line, we continually add and retire designs as preferences change. IAP is the leader in the industry and has the largest collection of molds available, if you don’t see what you want just let us know we may already have what you are looking for or something very similar. In addition, we offer custom designs with a lead-time of approximately 14 weeks.

The core of our line is commercial planters with a focus on rectangular planters. Large outdoor planters require careful engineering in order to achieve the strength to weight ratio, our 30 + years of experience insure you have a long lifecycle from your IAP container.

To maintain the cohesion of your design IAP trash and recycling containers blend seamlessly with your IAP planters. Made from the same materials our trash bins and recycling cans are a perfect match and stand apart from the average commercially available containers.


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