Selecting the right size Modern Planter for your Plants

Modern planters are an excellent addition to your indoor or outdoor space. However, when it comes time to select the right size planter for your plant material it can sometimes be overwhelming. A planter that is not properly sized for your plant material can be detrimental to its growth and overall health.  Lets go ahead and discuss how to select the right size planter for your plant material. 

First, lets consider the most relevant factor when selecting the right size modern planter for your plant and that is the size of the plant and how big it will potentially get. A plant that is on the smaller size and that will grow slowly will be happy in a smaller container.  A large and fast growing plant or tree will need a larger planter that will give it room to grow. Something to consider is the root ball, if the plant has an extensive root system it will require a larger planter so it has enough space to grow. 

Second, drainage is important because when selecting the right modern planter for your plants you will need sufficient drainage. A planter that is too small might not offer enough drainage, this will lead to water building up and lead to root rot.  A planter that is too big may hold too much water and may lead to overwatering and root rot. 

The final and most important factor is to keep in mind the balance and proportion of the plant material and the container.  You do not want the planter or the planter material to overpower one another.  For example, the span of the plant should not be less than the diameter or width of the container and the overall span of the plant material should not overpower the container and look disproportionate. Please also remember the the planter should be scaled to the environment you do not want the planter to overwhelm or get lost in a room. 

Selecting the right size modern planter for your plants is crucial for their growth and overall health. Remember to take in consideration the size of your plant, drainage, growth potential and the space.  If you need a hand navigating these elements let us know we will be happy to assist. 


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