Modern Side Tables for Hospitality

The modern side table is essential in the design scheme of today's hotel environment, you can find them in rooms, lobbies, pool decks and restaurants. Despite their small size they are found serving multiple roles such as a surface for personal belongings, a resting place for a drink or even seating.  Most of all they can enhance the overall design of a space by adding a punch of color, texture or design interest. 

Functionality is always crticial in the design of a space because first and foremost a well designed enviornment is functional. The most common use for a side table is to provide guests a surface to place personal belongings.  Whether it is a hotel lobby, room or deck providing guests with a convenient spot to place their phone, laptop or drink is essential.  Durability should be an important factor for any side table, in high traffic areas guests come into contact with the side tables quite often so the material should be durable and the finish should be long lasting.  The side table should have a little heft to it so it is stable but not too heavy that it can not be moved easily.  When it comes to pool decks the side table should be UV and weather resistant, so marine grade finishes are ideal. 

A well designed side table can enchance the aesthetics of any environment and in turn creates a warrm and welcoming environment. When selecting the right side table it is important that it not only looks great but is designed and engineered for the application. Many side tables are designed for residential applications and as a result can not handle the rigors of the commercial demands.  Fiberglass is an ideal choice because of the long life cycle and wide spread use in commercial applications. 

The modern side table is a versatile piece of furniture that plays an important role in the hospitality industry.  They provide surfaces for guests, enhance the design and can serve multiple purposes depending upon the need and the setting. At IAP we are here to assist you in the selection, use and placement to maximize functionality and enhance the overall guest experience. 


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