How to Bring your Outdoor Space to Life with Extra Large Rectangular Planters

Large public and private spaces require planters that are larger than typically offered by most manufacturers.  Large and heavy duty planters are our speciatly and we have many design and size options that can bring your outdoor spaces to life. IAP planters are not only practical in their function but can also add a stylish touch to your decor. These are some helpful tips to bring your space to life with our extra large rectangular planters.

First, you want to select the correct size and style of the planter you are considering.  We offer a wide range of sizes and designs, the size is a critical element because you will need to scale the container to fit the environment.  Some elements to keep in mind would be the overall finished height of the planted material you would like to use and also the span.  Ideally something that is low maintenance and is sutied for the geographic region.  When it comes to the container how tall would you like to make the container.  If you want to minimize the plant maintenance you can select a tall container and have low foliage, this way you can separate spaces but still have little to no up keep. It is best to consider the size and floor plan of your outdoor spaces, if you need a hand feel free to contact IAP and we can assist with the layout. 

Secondly, choosing the correct plants for your planters.  With large planters you will have a wide selection of plant material you can chose from, you can go with anything from large trees to small ground cover. The georgraphic region you are in will dictate what will work best.  You will want to consider the amount of sunlight available, as well as the soil and year round climate.  When it comes to soil we recommend using lightweight container soil, as you can imagine the bigger the container the more weight is displaced by the soil, plant material and water.  A lightweight soil will reduce the internal pressure of the container quite dramatically when compared to soil types such as clay based. This is where drainage becomes critical, it is important to insure water can exit easily. 

The addition of extra large rectangular planters can really make a space with the addition of the right plant material, it can soften the design scheme and make the space that much more inviting. Plant material in a design scheme brings life and as studies have shown makes people happy, healthier and reduces stress.  By selecting the correct size and design of planter, choosing the right plant material, consideing placement you can design a beautiful and functional space that can be enjoyed year-round. 


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