Biophilia Utilizing Large Fiberglass Planters

Plants in our home, workspace or public space have always been primarily a decorative element rather than a necessity.  Somehow deep down we all knew they were good for us to have around, the good news is over the past few years several studies have emerged to confirm that indoor plants are not only healthier but can make us more productive.

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There is a long list of benefits including:

  •        Lowered tension and anxiety levels
  •       Reduced feelings of anger
  •       Reduced fatigue
  •       More creativity
  •       Increased productivity
  •       Attracts and retains employees
  •       Reduced Co2 levels
  •       Reduces dust and bacteria

Of course fiberglass planters are a great fit because they are modern, lightweight, durable and are well suited for outdoor usage. With a wide range of designs and finishes it is easy to select a container that fits your overall design scheme.

Plants enrich our lives, it seems everyone spends too much of their time behind a screen and indoors these days.  If we have to spend so much time in artificial environments, it is nice to be able to bring the outdoors indoors. Large fiberglass planters offer the opportunity to bring the natural beauty of nature into our lives, making the indoor spaces that much more inviting and relaxing.

In commercial applications fiberglass planters and biophilic design enriches public spaces and increases traffic, a modest investment in design can potentially create a great return on investment. People are drawn to inviting spaces and with the health benefits of plants you can make your environment that much more appealing. Brighten up your spaces from rooftop decks, hotel lobbies and multi-family, fiberglass planters are an excellent way to bring nature into everyone’s daily lives.



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