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Most hotel trash and recycling containers are not designed specifically for the special requirements of Hopitality and indoor/outdoor public spaces.  The vast majority of bins are designed for much more utilitarian uses and are sized and designed without much concern for visual appeal. So much time and energy is spent on creating an inviting environment and then at the last minute a completely inappropriate container is placed because there is very much a real need for trash and recycling collection in public spaces.  The image above is the Mirage trash and recycling containers in Espresso, the Mirage was specifically designed to fit right in this environment and to blend seemlessly within the design theme. The Mirage has just the right usable capacity and is rectangular so to take up as little space as needed. The signage runs vertical and is large attractive and clear. 


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Sometimes you need a versatile shape that is a dual stream, the Fusion above has a low profile and works well as a dual stream.  When you don't have a lot of space but still need a trash bin/recycle or even for ash you can order the Fusion in a variety of formats.  Shown above in Bronze, this is one of our most durable finishes that is made of actual bronze.  Because the finish containers metal you can be guaranteed a long service life that is resistant to scratches and burns. The Fusion is offered as a single stream in trash or multiple variants as a dual stream, you have flexibility with signage and the Fusion is offered in out 15 standard finishes as well as custom color matching. 

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Size matters occassionally and as you can imagine it is very difficult to find large scale multi-stream trash and recycling containers.  The Element shown above is shown above in 48"L x 24"D x 32"H, it is truly a monster and has an enormous capacity that can be used as a dual or triple stream trash and recycling container.  The rectangular format is a space saver and the design is timeless, shown above in our Bronze Fusion finish the Element is not only tough but handsome.  This size container is ideally used in large public spaces like airports, convention centers etc. where you would expect a large volume of usage.  We do offer customization so if you need a container tailored to your use don't hesitate to let us know. After more than three decades of designing trash and recycling containers for public spaces IAP has a solution for almost any need. 



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