How to Select Commercial Trash and Recycling Containers

The selection of a commercial trash and recycling container can greatly influence the perception of a business. So often a great deal of effort, money and time goes into the design and construction of a project with the trash and recycle containers often added as an after thought. As you can imagine the trash containers are always prominent and front and center.  To steer you in the right direction we have a few tips to help you make the best choices.

1.  Location

One of the most important considerations is the location, it is best to review your floor plan and try and understand the traffic flow in your space. The containers should be placed in the zones that receive the most traffic, also it is good to understand what type of litter they might be trying to dispose of.  For example if you are equipping a roof top pool area you will need a much higher gallon capacity than an elevator lobby.  Some common areas that might need trash containers are seating areas, entrances and crosswalks.

2.  Proximity

How many will you need?  This will depend on a few factors such as traffic volume and the distance from one container to the next. It is important to order enough containers to handle the flow of traffic and the type of litter.  A key area is by the front entrance, this is the first impression a visitor will have so it is imporant to keep this zone clean and litter free. For open spaces it is important to have enough trash containers along the paths and around any key meeting areas. Another factor to consider is having an ash receptacle, cigarette butts are unsightly so it is important to keep them under control. 

3. Design

So much time and energy goes into the design of a project, it is critical that the containers compliment the theme and flow with the color scheme. It is important to be up to date with the local regulations when it comes to recycling, be sure to know if you need separate containers and how you need to store them. The signage should be visible and should clearly designate the usage, recycling containers are typically smaller than trash containers and will sometimes have unique openings and color designations. 

 4.  Material

Fiberglass is an ideal material for commercial trash and recycling containers because it is lightweight, cost effective and has a long lifecycle. When combinded with specialty commercial grade finishes like our Fusion finish you get the benefits of UV and scratch resistance. The addition of real metals in the exterior coating gives the lightweight form the strength of durablity of real metals. All of our containers can be ordered with addtional weight added at the base or can be easily bolted down to insure they stay where you want them to stay.

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