Extra Large Fiberglass Planters

Extra large fiberglass planters are a niche, it takes time to perfect the engineering to handle loads of extra large planters. As you can imagine the volume of soil and water can be immense when it comes to loads on the side wall of the containers. There are many methods to first lighten the load of the material and this is up to the end user when doing the installation, first and foremost you need to insure drainage is plentiful and sufficient diameter, without proper drainage the containers will fill with water and multiply the load exponetially. Second you need to insure you are using the right soil, we recommend lightweight container soil, if you use soils that are clay based the internal loads exceed the density per cubic foot and will void your warranty. Lastly, if possible fill some of the void space with filler material, this will also go a long way to reduce the overall soil load. Smart planting will save you down the road and insure your container doesn't get overloaded, we are always available to guide you through the process.


Durability is number one, with extra large fiberglass planters durability is critical, we have massive loads we are dealing with so it is critical you know what you are doing. The vast majority of fiberglass planters on the market are built to a residential standard so the wall thickness is thinner and the reinforcement is weak.  After doing this for 30 plus years we do not take any short cuts and use only the most robust commercial grade raw materials to insure you have a container that is long lasting and durable. We have installations that are more than 20 years old with oversized containers so you can be confident that you can do it once and not have to do it again in a few years. 


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