Outdoor Commercial Bins and Recycle Containers

At IAP we have a large variety of beautiful modern trash and recycling containers that can be used indoors or in outdoor covered areas but sometimes you need a solution for an outdoor and uncovered zone. If you look around this is not an easy proposition, most containers with a top, are a bit of an eye sore. Often they are constructed of plastic or look like they belong in a park, to bridge this gap we created the Mercury and Hive. Both of these designs have a rain top with stainless door to keep rain out, the Mercury is a high capacity container with up to 26 gallons. The Hive is offered in a small, medium and large and is excellent for recycling.

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Sorting waste streams around your property with recycling bins and multi-stream recycling stations enables you to centralize your recycling program. It increases the recycling rate and reduces waste hauling costs. With centralized collection points for sorting waste and recyclables you create more awareness for recycling which results in less contamination and cleaner recycling stream. If you have a lot of contamination in your waste streams you can eliminate and reduce landfill waste with the right trash containers, properties have an excellent opportunity to reduce costs and increase recycling rates by implementing the placement of a centralized recycling station. At IAP we can assist with the correct container and signage for the application. 


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