The Modern End Table or Side Table

Every project regardless of size, benefits from a few modern end tables or side tables. Because modern end tables are typically accent pieces, rather than primary furniture, the quest for a striking modern side table should be less stressful than finding a statement piece. Modern side tables are, by definition, small in scale, easily movable, and functionally versatile. Whether acting as permanent bedside tables or additional surface areas for roof top decks or pool side, modern side tables or end tables are capable of morphing into whatever is needed at a moment’s notice. A well-placed modern end table that’s both handsome and thoughtfully designed for longevity can offer years, even decades of use. 

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With a relatively modest price point the modern end tables provides valuable opportunities for rounding out a project economically. At IAP we have a broad range of sizes, shapes and colorways, mindfully selected modern end tables can make indelible design statements, whether used as accent pieces or essential design components in a room. What you want from your modern end tables is contingent upon how you intend to use them. Because our side tables are constructed out of fiberglass with durable finishes they are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, so if you would like to use them pool side or on a roof deck they are more than up to the job. Our side tables are made to commercial standards so you can rest assure the durability will be as long lasting as the timeless design.   


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