Why Large Modern Fiberglass Planters?

One of the options you will consider when looking for large indoor or outdoor planters is fiberglass.  You may ask yourself if fiberglass is the best option?  I think everyone can agree they are tough, long lasting and easy to maintain but how do they really compare to other popular options? It can be overwhelming and how can you know for sure you are making the right choice. Let's discuss some of the benefits.

First let's talk about the method of construction, unlike other manufacturers IAP hand lays fiberglass.  Most manufacturers utilize a high speed production process of spraying chopped fiberglass strands and resin into a mold.  We prefer a much slower process but stronger method of hand layering woven fiberglass and then reinforcing with steel. The outcome is a very tough container that is suitable for the most rigorous commercial grade applications.

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The other critical element to consider with the construction of the container is the finish, we all know that fiberglass is tough but the finish is what stands between the fiberglass container and the elements.  To stay beautiful you need a tough and long lasting finish. We tackle this problem in two different ways, the first is with our legendary Fusion finish.  The Fusion finish is a hybrid of metal and resin we combine the real metal in the finish such as bronze and fuse it to the resin, the outcome is you have the beauty and durability of the real metal on a lightweight fiberglass form.  Most manufacturers utilize automotive paint for their containers, when we paint we use a paint designed for the marine industry.  As you can imagine the marine grade paint has superior UV and scratch resistance. 

When you look at other possible material choices for large scale planters none really come close when compared to fiberglass.  The design options offer far more flexability for the price point, fiberglass containers do not rot, warp or degrade over time.  You can use them indoor and outdoors and they show minimal wear and tear after prolonged water and UV exposure.  With a very long lifecycle they can stay in use for decades and as a result would be the least expensive container option. 



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