Beyond the Rectangular Planter

Rectangular Planters come in a variety of sizes with various options such as casters for mobility and internal irrigation.  If you are utilizing large outdoor commercial rectangular planters and want to change the look up there are a variety of fun designs that are modular in nature like the Swell and Wave. As you can imagine like their name they add movement to your design and enables your design to stand out.

When it comes to upkeep rectangular planters offer ease of watering and maintenance, it is much more convenient to have all of the plant material in one area.  Rectangular planters are ideal to highlight a property, by lining a walkway or doorway it creates a beautiful inviting enviornment and enables you to mark boundaries. Creating privacy is a snap with rectangular planters, because they seamlessly line up with one another so you can easily divide spaces.  If you need to change the space up just add locking casters to roll them from location to location.

The rectangular planter is tried and true and works in so many different situations but don't be afraid to mix it up and try some fun variants like different shapes and color combinations.  My favorite at the moment is the two tone combinations that add real metal finishes like copper and muted tones.


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