070Madison Recycle/trash


The multi-faceted Madison trash container is constructed of durable commercial grade fiberglass and can be used as a planter or as a trash container. UV-resistant and scratch-resistant, all of IAP’s planters are built for indoor and outdoor designs. Custom finished, select from marine grade paints or one of our trademark natural metal Fusions, an ingenious natural metal finish that’s ours alone.  A selection of tops is available such as trash, ash/trash, ash, recycle and towel bin.  All containers except planters include a waterproof fiberglass liner with hand holds and rolled lip for bag retention. 

Left to right:  24"D x 32"H Trash Bronze, 18"D x 32"H Trash Copper, 18"D x 32"H Trash Matte Black


best handcrafted finishing
commercial grade
lightweight materials