053Sidekick Planters


The recessed base of the Sidekick Planter polishes its profile giving it a floating quality that ingeniously lightens up the standard square planter. A seamless addition to contemporary indoor or outdoor designs, this modern beauty is resistant to UV rays and scratching. It is finished in your choice of marine grade paints or signature Fusions, a process by which metal is fused to the fiberglass structure.

Left to right:  36" x 34"H Oxblood, 24" x 22" Sterling, 24" x 22" Matte White, 36" x 34" Matte Black, 24" x 22" Matte Black, 42" x 38.25 Matte White, 24" x 22" Concrete/Brass



best handcrafted finishing
commercial grade
lightweight materials