034Fairfax Recycle/trash


A contemporary classic, the Fairfax Planter is beautifully proportioned and constructed by hand to our exacting standards. This durable, lightweight fiberglass planter can double as a trash container and offers strength and beauty in generous measures. Finished in a choice of marine grade paints or one of our trademark Fusions, each planter is UV-resistant and scratch resistant for indoor or outdoor use.

Left to Right: 24" x 32" Matte Black ash/trash, 18" x 32" Trash Copper and Matte Black, 18" x 32" Trash Bronze and Matte Black, 24" x 32" Trash Matte Black, 12" x 26" Trash Matte Black, 16" x 30" Ash Bronze and 18" x 32" Ash/Trash Copper.


best handcrafted finishing
commercial grade
lightweight materials