035Tiburon Recycle/trash


The Tiburon container displays starkly bold and potent style, whether it’s being used for plants or as a trash container. Seriously durable, it is suited for both indoor and outdoor use. UV-resistant and scratch-resistant, each piece is hand finished in a choice of marine grade paints or one of our signature metal Fusions, which will develop a unique patina over time.  Several different top options are available from trash, ash/trash, trash/recycling, ash and towel bins.  We offer a range of sizes from 26"high up to 36"high, contact us directly for custom finishes, sizes and signage. Each container comes standard with a fiberglass water proof liner with lifting points and a rolled lip for bag retention. 

Left to right:  24"D x 32" Copper, 24"D x 32"H Trash Bronze/30"D x 36"H Ash/Trash Bronze, 12"D x 26"H Trash Bronze, 12"D x 26"H Bronze, 16"D x 30"H Ash/Trash Stainless Steel, 18"D x 32"H Trash Copper and 16"D x 30"H Trash Matte Black


best handcrafted finishing
commercial grade
lightweight materials